Monday, April 14, 2008

Great, This is Just GREAT!

(Boulder-CO) I can't even go and play golf for the first time during the season without something completely ridiculous going down. Not only am I admittedly going to be late with my breakdown of last night's gianormous win over the Rockets, but Carmelo Anthony has found his way into a DUI charge.

The following quote was taken from the linked article, "Like anyone in a similar situation, Carmelo has to wait for the results of the blood test/ He regrets putting himself in this situation."

WOW! You'd think that with meat still yet to be trimmed off the bone concerning the playoffs that 'Melo would be at home getting ready for the Grizzlies at four in the morning, wouldn't you?

*Tip of the hat to thaanswer and my buddy over at for the story break and the picture.

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Robert said...

Visine doesn't hide the obvious Melo