Sunday, April 27, 2008

Nuggets vs. Lakers: Playoff Preview Game 4

(Boulder-CO) Who are we kidding here? The Nuggets' season is essentially over and game four is not much more than a crystal ball as to what may happen this offseason. Your guess is as good as mine when it comes to whether the Nuggets may show up , save some face, and win or just spontaneously ignite into a fiery ball of who's to blame.
You make the call, Nuggets Nation.
Go Nuggets!


Jason said...

I would like to think they show up like the Suns did in game 4 and save some face...but I just don't see it out of this bunch. I have a feeling this game ends very similarly to the other three.

Lakers are a TEAM, Denver is a collection of talent. Teams win...talent looks good in the stat sheets.

C Now said...

Flaming Fire Balls are much more fun to watch.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with Jason.

But I would like to be hopeful and say since the Nuggets have the silly habit of showing up to play only when their backs are against the wall and they have been truly embarrassed and disgraced... I would say they will win tonight since they are on the brink of elimination.

And hopefully when they go back to LA for Game 5, they will still be on the brink of elimination and will pull through with a win and repeat for Game 6 and 7.

*wishful thinking*

Robert said...

Go Nuggets.

GeneralPhysician said...

Flaming balls will be what the Lakers rain down on the Nuggets.

This does not make me happy at all.

In fact, I think that I could take the Nuggets lack of effort in this series against any other team much better than how it has gone.

That stems from my roots in Portland where the Lakers (and so many forms of them, going back to before Magic...) have been the (hate to say it)better team.

How 'bout one for pride, huh Nuggets?

ThaAnswer said...

who really cares at this point?

ThaAnswer said...

who really cares at this point?

JamesOClark said...

This is painful to watch. Everyone on the team knows that they need to play defense and no one does.

Camby is a joke in the middle. Guys are flying down the lane, not intimidated at all of a big body coming in there and knocking them down.

Carmelo is so great on Team USA because he doesn't have to handle the ball or have the offense run through him. I've never seen someone as bad as Carmelo of recognizing a double-team and passing out of it. He's clueless, plus his defense is horrible and that's a compliment.

Robert said...

Don't lie dude. We ALL care at this point. I wish I could like another team because I think the Nugget's fan base isn't as recklessly wild as a lot of other teams. I live in Portland right now, and let me tell you, the Rose Garden goes NUTS.

But I love the Nuggies. I love the blue, I love Melo's step-and-fade, I love Colorado license plates and mountains and K-Mart's two fisted furious jams. I love how hard AI plays every night of his life, and I love the Prodigy's droopy, stoner eyes that must be infuriating to the suckas he dunks over.

I know it's hard right now, and I know we've been posting on this blog all season and been up and down with this team and we don't fucking deserve this, but we should all be grabbing a bottle of vodka and a match, cause I'd rather go down in flames than sit back and let LUKE WALTON'S SON have his way with our team! FUCK THA LAKERS!!