Sunday, April 27, 2008

I've Never Walked Out Early Until...

(Boulder-CO) Those of you who know me, or have gotten to know me, know that I never leave a Nuggets game early. But, after yesterday's piss-poor effort against the Lakers I wasn't even in the Pepsi Center long enough to see the reserves enter the game in the fourth quarter. In fact, the game was still on by the time I sat down for dinner.
That's how disgusted I was with the effort, culture, selfishness, and lack of discipline the Nuggets displayed as they were throttled, 102-84, by a Lakers club that flat-out shamed them.

The Nuggets were in this game in the first half too, and that's what makes the unraveling that occurred in the second half so despicable. Carmelo said in his post game press conference, “Everybody. From the coaches to the players, we quit. And I said it.’’

I'm not breaking down the boxscore because all you need to know is Carmelo led the way with a measly 16 points, Camby led the way in passing and rebounds with a slim four assists and twelve rebounds, and the rest of it is all garbage.

Furthermore, these Nuggets are the most selfish, uncoachable, and undisciplined bunch I have ever seen don the Mile High City's NBA tank-tops and I think totally mutiny is upon the ship.

For instance, in the first half I counted five straight times the ball was brought up the floor and either one or not even a single damn pass was made before the Nuggets hoisted a jumpshot or turned the ball over. FIVE DAMN TIMES! What the hell is that? I can go to a YMCA for five bucks and watch teenagers play that kind of basketball. Let alone have to see a professional basketball team, in the playoffs no less, play streetball. And allow me to answer my own question: That's selfish, and at this point, Nuggets basketball at it's worse.

And in defense of George Karl and his staff (despite the fact that I think he is going to pay for this with his job), they didn't just all of a sudden "get stupid". They know how to play the game of basketball. Their credentials are solid and their experience is second to none. But somewhere along the line here in Denver the players tuned out their management and decided that the inmates were more capable than the guards of running the prison. Leaving a culture on this team where it's everyone for themselves, highlights and stats are the only things that matter, and all fundamental basketball principles are thrown out the window.

Thus leaving Monday night's game surely a spectacle to be seen. I can't imagine anyone in the Nuggets' locker room is all that fond of each other after Carmelo makes a statement like the one he did. The finger pointing has started. The Nuggets are down 3-0 (a deficit no NBA team has ever come back to win a series against). And I don't remember a time, other than in the Bernie Bickerstaff era, that this franchise's morale was ever as low.

And worst of all... The NBA's Grim Reaper just checked into a Denver hotel. This season and series is over. The last thing to do is cut the final thread holding this unraveled mess together.



I didn't leave the game early, but man, did I feel the heartbreak.

What the hell happened? I'm watching the game again right now and it still doesn't make any sense to me.

All I ask for is one win vs. the Lakers. I'm not looking for a miracle here to win the series. Just a single win.

And I don't think that all the players weren't into it. Najera was on it. So was Kleiza. And AI showed a lot of heart. Camby defended like hell.

Somehow, I believe that the Nuggets or the powers that be simply don't believe in themselves or don't deserve to have a win....

something's gotta give....

Nugg Doctor said...

I'll be there on Monday night too, so I hope that there is a win to be seen, but I really doubt it. This team is just going to keep circling the drain before the Lakers wash them down like a spider.

'Melo calling out his teammates (when he had a terrible game and was maybe the most guilty of hucking jumper after jumper), and the coaching staff seemingly having no control of this team combine to form a pretty miserable outlook.

And on non-related note: did you see the white out at Pepsi Center and the white out at the Cavs/Wizs game today?

I would estimate that 95% of the Washington fans were participating whereas in the Pepsi Center there was probably around 70% particpation with a huge Laker presence.

Not a good sign from the fanbase in Denver.

Thanks for reading,

The Nugg Doctor


on the WHITE OUT note: those tees were HUUUUGE! I wasn't gonna sport that tee when I had the white Najera jersey on. No way. I figured I was already wearing the correct color scheme.

btalk said...

Sad....sadder....and saddest. That's the adjectives that best describe the first three playoff games. I couldn't agree more Nugg Doc. Carmelo, assuming you can the Nugg Doc's post today, and then read Woody Paige's piece in todays Denver Post...YOU ARE A PUNK!!!!!

ThaAnswer said...

I did like Melo yelling at George Karl, "Don't just sit there!". I've been screaming that all year.

I expect HUGE changes this offseason. This is unacceptable.

NoYPi said...

wow, he said that? when? finally, some emotion from somebody on this team.

GK must just be happy that his son and the Lakers are moving on. =P'

Jason said...

Well...I cannot blame you for leaving. I in fact decided not to purchase playoff tickets because well...I did not have a lot of faith in the Nuggets.

This game was a microcasm of how they have played all year. They are selfish, undisciplined, and overrated. I am not sure whether the blame should go to the coaching staff or the players. I think a little of both.

I am not a big GK fan, and I think he does lack the passion needed to be an NBA coach. And I personally think it is time to head in a different direction.

However, our two superstars I will start calling lack and lacking. They both lack a lot...and I think that one of them needs to go. My vote for AI (strictly for the reason it is hard to build a team around him).

Either way...a tough season once again and it makes me question my sanity as to why I follow this team.

Champ24Girl said...

The crowd wanted to get into the game but how can you cheer when your team is not even trying? The Nugs should apologize to their fans!

Bittu said...

Just to get it out of the way, I am a Lakers fan. But one person who disappointed me the most from denver is AI...I cant believe somebody in the comments said he showed some "heart" where was his heart when he was drillbing the ball for 15 seconds around 3 nuggets without even looking at a single other nugget and then launching a fadeaway jumper over 2 people throughout the game? he was suppose to be the leader in the backcourt for nuggets, meaning passing and setting up other teammates was his responsibility. How many times did he set up Melo? how many times did he went in and passed out to kleiza (who was hot throughout the series) and JR (who played great but couldn't keep his emotions in check)? As much as the blame is going to be laid on Melo, i think more of it goes on AI (for this series). Now, i didn't follow them throughout the year, so I dont know how they play around each other but they couldnt have played this confused throughout the year, because they did win 50 games in the west. just a thought from a lakers fan.