Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hoops TV Shows Love

(Boulder-CO) Not only do I come to find out that has love for The Nugg Doctor, but they also currently have a video feature running on their site right now with Denver's own JR Smith when he was back home in Jersey in the early Fall! All the J.R. fans will love the video and I love the street ball setting it was shot in (makes me want to lace 'em up right now). Tip of the hat to Carey Smith for the email and the heads up on the great "Prodigy" footage.

Go Nuggets!


Anonymous said...

Nice video, I enjoyed that. Heh, I like anything JR-centric though, I think. Haha, good to see the hash mark that is responsible for all those crazy "5 feet behind the arc" 3-pointers he makes without breaking a sweat.

His all-around game is really showing up now. That pass he made to Eddie (I think..) last night was absolutely SICK... the no-look bouncer through 2 guys. He's even been getting there and getting rebounds -- I'm just really impressed, and I think George is too.

Geerten said...

I like anything JR as well, Stumbleweed. Here's to hopin' the Nuggets brass come to their right mind this summer and offers the boy a proper contract. Can't afford to let "The Prodigy" slip away...

Great video!