Thursday, April 10, 2008

Denver Silences 20K in Oakland

(AP Photo/Ben Margot)

(Boulder-CO) What a game - what a game! The Nuggets showed G-U-T-S when they were down by as many 16 points in the first half before Allen Iverson, Carmelo Anthony, and J.R. Smith took over and willed Denver to a, 114-105, victory. The W gives the Nuggets a full game on the Warriors who have now lost nine of their last 16 games. Furthermore, now all the Nuggets have to do to solidify a postseason appearance is win two out of their next three remaining games, or just one if Golden State finishes 2-1 in its last three games, by means of Denver holding the tie-breaker outright over the 'Dubs.

With the way they started (giving up a 37 points in the first quarter), I wasn't so sure the Nuggets could come back. Everything was going Golden State's way and the Nuggets looked really flat. Down by as many as 16 at one point, it was as if the duo of Allen Iverson and J.R. Smith who decided enough was enough once the second quarter started. Denver opened up with 19 straight points of which Allen Iverson scored nine and Smith added eight of to surge the Nuggets to a one point lead at halftime.

After the second quarter and into the second half, the Nuggets controlled the game defensively. Denver did not surrender more than 23 points in any of the quarters following the first quarter breakdown and managed to win each 12 minute stretch. Baron Davis was neutralized (if you can say that about a guy who delivered a triple-double performance) and Stephen Jackson was held to 5-17 from the field for a total of 18 points. And despite all five Golden State starters scoring in double-figures, Golden State received very little offensive output (seven points) from its bench whereas Denver got a big shot in the arm from its reserves in the form of 34 points by way of J.R. Smith's 24 and Eduardo Najera's ten.

Allen Iverson led all scorers with 33 points and nine assists. Carmelo added 25 points and nine rebounds, but interestingly enough Denver did not have a player record a double-double while losing both the rebounding and assist battles.

And that, fellow brethren, is how 20 thousand rabid 'Dubs fans get to enjoy a ride back from the "Roracle" in dead silence.

Alright, let's all take a deep breath!

As of right this second, and barring any catastrophic melt downs, it looks like the Nuggets are in the playoffs. A tough game lies ahead on Saturday in Utah against the hated Jazz, but then Denver returns back to the friendly confines of the Pepsi Center where they are 31-8 to host their last two regular season games against the Rockets on Sunday and the hapless Memphis Grizzlies on Wednesday.

Say it with me now...

Go Nuggets!


Robert said...

The Warriors will beat the Clips and Sonics at home, so if the Nuggies are only to win one game then we need Golden State to lose at Phoenix.
Umm... Go Big Diesel?
Strangest damn thing with this Nuggets team. You can pretty much count on one quarter per game getting mailed in, then hope the rest of them make up for it.
At least George was stopping GS runs with time outs tonight. Nice change of pace for The Man With No Neck.

Nugg Doctor said...

You're right, Robert. I'm not sure what Nuggets radio man Jerry Schemmel was thinking when he said all the Nuggets have to do is win one more to seal a birth, but I will make the appropriate change.

Thanks for reading,

The Nugg Doctor

ThaAnswer said...

Best game of the year for me. To overcome the crowd, the pressure, the seemingly endless runs at the end by GS. (that was the longest 4th quarter!)

AI and Melo did what they were supposed to do. JR stepped up big, all 3 deserve credit. Eddie did his thing too. K-mart and Camby I wasn't too thrilled with but why complain on such a great day.

Hopefully we draw the Hornets first round (crazy as it sounds). I think that's our best shot, as compared to Lakers/Spurs.

Way to go Nugget Nation, we pulled through when it counted.

Robert said...

Am I the first to say Jerry Schemmel isn't that great? I can't imagine so, other people must think this. He was cheering just as loud for Durant when he was hitting those last-second threes as he was for the Nuggies.
And he sounds like he's constipated half the time. "AI jumper... Yes!" and the "yes" comes out like he's trying not to let a little turtle head come out in the booth.
Or maybe it's just me.

Nugg Doctor said...

Well... Let's just say that I think he gets away from the action too much and his hoop insights are little flawed. I had to catch the fourth quarter on the radio and that's where I heard him mention that all the Nuggets had to do to make the playoffs was win one more game. After you brought it to my attention, I looked at the standings myself and realized such a statement was either false or I didn't receive it correctly.

Either way, the Nuggets handled business last night, in the face of adversity, and are most likely playoff bound!

Go Nuggets!

Nugg Doctor said...

I agree with you, thaanswer.

The Hornets are young, and despite havnig a great year, are probably the most likley of the top three seeds to fall to a team with the veteran leadership and overall talent of a team like the Nuggets.

Go Nawlins!

Thanks for reading,

The Nugg Doctor

NoYPi said...

Really? All I can remember is getting repeatedly beaten by New Orleans this year?... What is the record? I think we beat the Spurs more than we beat New Orleans / Laker / Jazz this year.

Please enlighten me.