Sunday, April 13, 2008

Nugggets vs. Rockets: Game 81 Preview

(Boulder-CO) I've already outlined just how important this game is. The Denver Nuggets can still dictate their own playoff future by winning tonight and on Wednesday against the Grizzlies, but dropping the ball on either game necessitates Golden State losing one of their last two games (they won last night over the Clippers) for the Nuggets to make the postseason. I'll be at the Pepsi Center tonight to root on the troops, so a recap of the game will be up on Monday morning.

Gut check time, Denver.

Go Nugggets!


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Saw the recap on ESPN, looks like a great game. I just wonder why the nuggets don't play like this consistently.

I guess the next issue is to focus on beating Memphis and praying Dallas loses to New Orleans because I would rather have us meet the Hornets than the Lakers in the first round so we have to make it to the No. 7 seed.