Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Blazing Bus Ride

(Boulder-CO) The Denver Nuggets may have gotten off to the hottest start in NBA Playoff history. Literally. The first bus en route to the Staples Center broke down in a smokey blaze leaving several Nuggets' players stranded and waiting for the second bus to pick them up (tip of the hat to Her Highness for the comment).

Funny? Yes, even funnier if the Nuggets can steal game one.

Nice touch chanting, "D-U-I", L.A..

"Los Angeles- Where classless happens"


Anonymous said...

I wanted Denver to keep it classy during the Playoffs but since LA started chanting DUI. I guess the Pepsi Arena can call Kobe a "you know what....". I mean all's fair in Love and Basketball...

Nuggetslady said...

Really, what can you expect from a bunch of Laker fans?
I wonder if they shouted anything at Kobe when he played, or did they give him a break after his plea for forgiveness from his wife and fans?