Sunday, January 21, 2007

Carmelo Puts Us on Notice

(Boulder-CO) Carmelo Anthony's return to the game of basketball is being covered at nausea mainly because the NBA's biggest chemistry experiment is about to take place. AI (former scoring champion) + Carmelo Anthony (current NBA scoring leader) * the hopes of an entire city (Denver) = Nationwide gaze on the Denver Nuggets. Some are probably hoping for the Nuggets to implode, some on the other hand are wishing for something sweeter, but one thing that is for sure is that Carmelo is a very focused individual. On the eve of his return, he released a letter addressing Nuggets Fans, his teammates, Stan Kroenke and the entire Nuggets Organization. Here is my favorite stretch of that letter:
"I have been going crazy for 36 days waiting to return, all my life playing basketball has come easy to me, but not being able to play has been the most difficult thing I have ever experienced as a player. I've spent this time off working on my game and reflecting on who I am. And who I want to be. I want all of you to know that I plan to be better, stronger and smarter on the court than I've ever been before. I've never been more dedicated to becoming the best player and teammate that I can be. It has been very tough watching the team play without me, knowing that my mistake has made it very difficult for my teammates, the franchise and the fans. I've spent the time working extremely hard, and I plan to come back better than ever."
The entire letter is available at this link:
INCREDIBLE is the only word that I feel can summarize the way that I feel right now. I knew that his return would be emotional, but who could have predicted this? My body is covered with goosebumps right now, how's yours?


Anonymous said...

I'm going tonite Nugg Dr. This was actually one of the games I purchased before the season. I can't wait, I'll cheer Melo loudly, unlike the hateable Bill Walton and Mike Evans.

Anonymous said...

Hell yeah. I'm up in 334 where I always am -- love the 10-game package that got me JR and Melo's return games. I'm WAY too excited for this. I smell explosion.

Nugg Doctor said...

I am unfortunately not going to be at the game tonight, fellas. Rest assured I will be glued to the TV though from pregame to postgame. I am not going to do a preview for tonight's game either, mainly becaues I feel that it would be redundant as to the story is CARMELO ANTHONY!

Knepster said...

I'll be there, and I can't wait.