Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Feature Story Worth the Read

(Boulder-CO) As many of you know, I try not to bombard my readership with an abundance of links and plugs from around the NBA Blogosphere. Mainly because I believe that if someone is interested in finding such information they have the ability to locate it on their own. But when something is published that has to do with the Nuggets, or any one individual associated with the Nuggets, that I feel is just so right on point I feel obligated to direct you, the reader, to the work.

SLAMonline’s Ryan Jones has produced a feature story titled, Carmelo Anthony: Urban Legend that I think any Nuggets, or ‘Melo fan, would really enjoy. Bang the link right here to get the full article http://slamonline.com/online/2007/01/carmelo-anthony-urban-legend/.

The article is a great vantage point for understanding how the maturation process of one of the NBA’s great superstars is progressing and reads like music from high-priced audio equipment. Nice work, Ryan. I certainly enjoyed it.

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