Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Losers of Three Straight

(Boulder-CO) Let me start off this game recap by saying that my definition of over the back seems to not be consistent with the modern day’s game. Allow me to follow-up with Steve Javie is my least favorite referee in the league. You add it up. The Nuggets are losers tonight 108-97 to the 76ers, and it never occurred to me but Andre Miller looks like Richard Pryor (bang it right here http://www.nbadraft.net/actorteam.asp). Allen Iverson summed it perfect when he said, “They just played better than us”, in his post-game press conference.

Allen was also the game’s high-scorer with a stat line of 30 points, nine assists, and five boards. Other notable Nuggets were Yakhouba Diawara and Marcus Camby. Diawara recorded a NBA career high with 23 points in tonight’s 41 minutes of playing time. Nice to see that he is capable of bouncing back from a one point showing, but just a touch too bad that it had to come in a loss. Camby only scored eight points, but swatted seven shots and nabbed 16 rebounds. Factor in that he was mugged over the back at least four times and consider that he probably would have been good for over twenty rebounds on the night. Thanks again, Javie!

Oh, and thanks for tossing Iverson late in the fourth quarter too. I thought it was a really special touch that the one time you would blow your &#*@$%! whistle it would be for such a call after you swallowed it for everything else!

Ok, gaining my composure makes me realize that the Nuggets have no one to blame but themselves for this loss. They turned the ball over 22 times and the Sixers capitalized on said sloppiness for 26 points. Fifteen steals is basically unheard of in this day in age of the NBA, but the Nuggets found a way to cough up the leather exactly that many times. And shooting below 40% for the third game in a row also didn’t help.

It must have been sweet for Andre Miller to walk away from the Pepsi Center with a win. Miller finished the game with the double-double for the Sixers by scoring 17 points and squeezing off ten assists against his old teammates. The Sixers will probably not win as many games as the Nuggets, but nevertheless it had to be sweet for Richard, I mean, Andre.

I just don’t have anything else to write about, Nuggets fans. Until the Nuggets start doing themselves a favor by putting in lay-ups and find a way to stop giving up so many lay-ups things are going to be tough sailing.

Watching them play without ‘Melo and J.R. is starting to become one of my least favorite things to do, but what can I do? It’s a real love/hate right now and I have to endure!


Anonymous said...

Oh, sorry to write a novel in my last comment... I shold probably get my own blog if I'm going to write that much on yours... haha.

I just wanted to clear this up, since you seem to have sources and whatnot... Is JR coming back on the 10th still, or did it get pushed back to the 12th? Scott Hastings has said the 10th like 20 times in the recent broadcasts, but I thought both of them got pushed back due to the Phoenix game being cancelled...

Little help? I have tickets to the game on the 10th, but after tonight's disaster, I'm thinking of unloading those and getting some to the Rockets game on the 12th so I can avoid having a stress-induced stroke watching these games.

And yeah, stupid Steve Javie gets the gasface supreme. He's lucky he's not an Italian soccer ref or something -- he'd need a damn Popemobile to drive around in. Fire that hack already, Sternbot. He didn't cost us the game, but his shitty officiating probably took about 5 years off of my life after my heart nearly shot from Section 334 onto the rich people eating filet in the Blue Sky Grill. Screw you, Javie.

Nugg Doctor said...

No need to apologize, Stumble. Speak your mind anytime. The game that was snowed out against the Suns has been rescheduled for the fifth of February so it will not make a difference in the game that J.R. gets to return to. Count ten games on the schedule and make your ticket decisions from there.

Thanks for reading,

The Nugg Doctor

Unknown said...

Dude, Steve Javie is by far the most biased official I have ever seen in my life. I have been going to Nuggets games for the last 20+ years, and have NEVER seen an official have it out more for our beloved team. This asshole still holds a grudge from the Dan Issel and Nick Van Exel days. Truth be told I have watched him officiate other games, and he does not seem that bad. Stern should do some fact finding into to this guy. It may just be my imagination, but he is a catilyst for more Nuggets losses than many think. This may be a conspiracy theory, but I think it is dead on. And what is so bad about Javie, is not all the terrible calls he makes, but the timing of them. He often makes bad calls at critical moments of the game and actually swings momentum to the other team. Stern needs to keep Javie out of Denver, as he has NEVER called a game in our favor. At least some of the other idiots in blue will call games for the other team, and get back to us later. Javie is always suited up for whoever is playing the Nuggets, and he should not be allowed to offiacte any of our games.