Monday, January 15, 2007

Now We are Talking about Practice

(Boulder-CO) The Nuggets have momentarily found the right path and now have until Friday night to wait before their next game with the Cavaliers. Chris Marlowe and Scott Hastings reported after last nights game that the Nuggets will have Monday off to do as they wish, but Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday will be days with practice. That's right Allen, we are talking about practice!
I think that the extended practice is going to be extremely positive for the Nuggets because it gives them some much needed time to continue to incorporate Steve Blake's obvious talents into the offense. Along with that, the practice sessions should also be good for the entire Nuggets roster to continue gelling with Allen Iverson so that when they do return back to their full repertoire of personnel it will not be so much of a fire drill.

I would like to see the following depth chart implemented when the Nuggets return to action on Friday.
Blake - J.R. - Diawara
Iverson - Is there a need for a back-up for a guy who plays 40+ minutes?
Kleiza - DerMarr Johnson
Evans - Najera
Camby - Nene

Insert Carmelo where you see Kleiza and if Blake isn't hitting the open look bring J.R. Smith in and you have yourself a damn fine team on your hands. The Nuggets have scoring, defensive specialists, monsters on the boards, and blue collar types that love to get dirty. Things are looking on the up and up, Nuggets Nation. Hold tight for two more games and we are really going to see where the Nuggets really stand.


Stumbleweed said...

And Melo started to practice with the first squad last week, so he'll have a few solid weeks of practice with the team (a bit less with Blake added in) to give him a good start. I'm really happy about the way this trade worked out now that I've seen Blake play. I heard concerns that he wouldn't play fast enough for the Nuggets pace, but that concern has definitely been unfounded.

Thing are definitely looking up -- assuming Melo can hop back in and pick up where he left off, we're going to make a really strong run at the end of the season. And here's to hoping that Marcus and Nene can continue to stay reasonably healthy and keep playing. I think the big men will be the key to matching up decently against teams like Dallas, Utah, and San Antonio in the playoffs -- Nene especially, because he's basically it for post offense (except for Melo, but he's too small to back down PFs and Cs).

Cleveland doesn't match up well against us, especially if we play at our normal breakneck pace. I think they'll need a big game from LBJ and some good contribution from Hughes to get the win at the Pepsi Center. And I agree with you on JR coming off the bench. I think he still needs to get starter's minutes (because he has the most potential of anyone on the team and needs playing time to develop those skills -- especially patience), but I really like the AI/Black combo.

Actually, my ideal lineup (which would be better-suited against smaller teams, not SA or HOU) would be Blake, AI, JR, Melo, Camby -- I think they could absolutely run people out of the building with that lineup. I dunno, I think that would be a killer offensive lineup to run from time to time, even if it sacrifices some size and rebounding. It'd be a perfect lineup for what they're trying to do with this offense, which is run essentially play-less (or positionless) basketball. Melo's not suited for PF (neither is Shawn Marion, but he does well for himself), but he has the post skills and size to back guys down and Melo inside means open shooters outside.

Haha, I gotta stop thinking about this stuff -- Melo's not back yet. One game at a time.

Tymes Rhymes said...

That chart seems sweet and sweeter when Melo is back, but I was reading something that may shake up that Line-up.

I don't know if you saw this but at (

They said NenĂª asked to be traded, if so, who or what do you think we can get in return?

Nugg Doctor said...


Thanks for the heads up. I would like to see a Center or draft picks in return for Nene in the unlikely event that he is shipped out.

Thanks for reading,

The Nugg Doctor