Friday, January 12, 2007

If You Can’t Shoot, You Can’t Win

(Boulder-CO) The Denver Nuggets are hurting for a victory in the worst kind of way. Tonight they shot a dismal 34% from the field and lost to the Rockets 90-86 making them losers of six of their last seven games. They now stand dead even at 17-17 on the year and until Carmelo returns on the 22nd, I am not sure that they will win any other game than their match-up with Portland on Sunday night. The only bright spot I have to mention is Marcus Camby recording a career-high 24 rebounds on more or less a lack luster night.

Plain and simply stated; the Nuggets had trouble putting the ball in the basket. Just listen to some of these totals. The Yak couldn’t stop yakking up clangors and finished 5-14. Eduardo Najera finished with two points on 1-7 shooting in 22 minutes. J.R. Smith kept jacking up misses and finished 4-17 including 2-7 from downtown. Linas Kleiza was 0-5 in 25 minutes of playing time and finished the game with zero points and five fouls. Do I need to go any further or do you get my point?

Steve Blake did show signs that he can be a valuable contributor to this team by being an effective back-up point guard that gets other people involved and takes only smart shots. He came off the bench tonight to a small cheer and played 29 minutes scoring 13 points and dishing six assists. And he could have had quite a few more if the Nuggets could have thrown a fish back in the ocean.

The Nuggets had no answer for the sharp shooting of Shane Battier. Down the stretch Shane hit two three pointers that put the Rockets back in the lead and sealed the deal for Houston. Battier scored 25 points, grabbed seven boards, dimed three teammates, and swiped two steals in as well balanced game as I have seen all year. I don’t have to like it because he was too much for the Nuggets to handle, but I do have to admit that he is nice. He plays great D, makes the open three, crashes the glass, and can bother any player one through five. Yea, Shane Battier is nice.

Three more games is how many more times we have to endure watching this basketball team while thinking about what is waiting to happen when the league’s leading scorer comes back from what seems like has been an eternity of exile. Somebody tell me when it’s over.


nanananana said...

with those stats are they sure they traded the right guys? I am not, and I am not sure that it all has to do with Melo's absence but I know that doesn't help either but damn boys what is up??? Dr, can you prescribe what it's going to take to fix this cuz it is ugly!

Tymes Rhymes said...

We played poor defense, we left Shane Battier wide open for those 3's, our transition was horrible. I watched it on ESPN and to tell you the truth Bill Walton and Jon Barry are both the worst color commentators ever. They state the obvious too much and they poke fun all the time.( Get some new announcers ESPN with better Basketball knowledge)Bill is a NBA great, a great player, but it doesn't seem like he is smart with Basketball knowledge.

For me to be interested in what the commentators say more than the game itself means something is wrong in Denver.

Nugg Doctor said...

Sure thing, nanananana (I never know how many times to do the old back and forth),

The Denver Nuggets need to spend about half an hour working on finishing lay-ups with someone in their face. Right now, I would ssy that they are a very good CBA team in this regard. If the Nuggets would do themselves a favor, and make a damn lay-up things might be different, but until that facet of the game gets mastered... It is going to be dismal, difficult, and distraughting!

Thanks for reading,

The Nugg Doctor

Stumbleweed said...

I thought George should've given JR a little more play in the 4th. Yeah, he wasn't shooting well, but sitting him while Yak tosses up threes that are just as bad (or worse)... And it's not like Yak was playing shut-down defense -- he did a pretty good job against T-Mac, but I think his back too care of most of that. I dunno, I just think you've gotta get your guy who has proven that he can score into the game in that situation. JR needs playing time to get his groove back -- at least he finally hit some threes.

But yeah, the next game I'm going to is the Memphis game. I'm totally over watching these guys without Melo, so I'll just stay home until he gets back. Steve Blake was a definite bright spot -- those threes and clean passes will be invaluable when Melo gets back. I like him so far.