Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A Check is on the Way

(Boulder-CO) Insurance is a beautiful thing. The NBA has a rule that once a team has been without one of their top eight players for more than 41 consecutive games its insurance policy picks up the remaining half of the season’s salary to the tune of 80%. This is critical for the Nuggets as Kenyon Martin has missed his 37th game of the season so far, and I bet Stan Kreonke is checking the mail for about a 4.8 million dollar check to cover 80% of K-Mart’s estimated remaining salary. I doubt ticket prices are going to drop, but at least the Nuggets are not at a total loss from having Kenyon be a complete wash for the season after having to endure another microfracture surgery on his left knee following having the same operation on his right knee the season before. Imagine for a second that K-Mart was playing and the Nuggets were starting Blake, AI, Melo, Martin, and Marcus Camby. That would be four guys that are of All-Star caliber on the same team! Sometimes it is easily forgotten that K-Mart is still on this team as there has been so many shake-ups so far, but if he can come back and contribute on even a similar level that he was. The Nuggets are going to be REDICOULUSLY good, at least on paper, next season.


Jason said...

Good point Nugg Dr., once we get Kmart back next year, and if he can stay healthy (that is the key), this team will be unstoppable!!

Once observation I had last night was that with AI penetrating like he does, Denver is much better with an interior presence inside like Nene, rather than Evans. I love Evans rebounding a hustling, but he is horrible at making layups and catching tough passes. Obviously Camby mans the high post, so when Nene is in the game, AI has someone to pass the ball to that will catch it and deliver a basket. Next year, with Kmart back, he should have two players that can do that. Kmart loves to roam around for offensive rebounds, so he will be around the basket often and will be the recipient of a lot of easy AI passes or lobs. I cannot wait! Go Nuggets! Keep up the good work Nugg Dr.

By the way, I tell people daily to visit your site, as it is the first place I go for Nuggets news now!

Fence said...

Doc, one could argue that it's easy to forget Kenyon is on this team because he's never had a significant positive effect on their success. He has spent more time injured than not for this team, and when he does play their winning percentage is noticably lower. Without putting too fine a point on it, K-Mart has become the poster child for ridiculous contracts. Forget the injuries for a moment; when he DOES play it seems that he has never been able to fit within a fluid offensive game. That would be okay if he, for whatever reason, didn't feel like he had to be involved in the offense all the time. When I've seen him play with Denver he has seemed capable of bringing their offense to a grinding halt. I simply don't think he's the right player for this team, at least not for the money he is making.

Nugg Doctor said...


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