Thursday, January 18, 2007

Getting a Little Bit Impatient

(Boulder-CO) Is anyone else getting a little bit impatient waiting for the Nuggets to take on the Cavaliers tomorrow night? I am having Nuggets withdrawal in the worst kind of way right now despite there being some pretty good games on NBA League Pass lately. Sorry LP, you just doesn't seem to fill the void in the way that the Nuggets do.
By the way, I watched the Cavaliers play the Trailblazers last night and have to say that Cleveland looked like shit. They lost 94-76 after only scoring nine, that's right, nine points in the first quarter. I like Lebron James, seriously, but I would be lying if I said that I am not enjoying a break from everybody slobbering all over him like bum on a bacon sandwich. He is currently having his worst year statistically since his rookie campaign as his points, assists, and rebounds are all down. Cleveland however is still looking pretty good overall as they are in first place in the Eastern Conference's Central Division with a record of 23-15. That record is also good enough for the number one playoff seed in the dicey East if the post season were to start today.
More to come in my game preview set to drop sometime early tomorrow morning.


Stumbleweed said...

Cleveland is such a pretender this year, even with the East being so bad. They rattle off that decent streak and then get completely handled by the Suns (horribly), proceed to get beaten by the Sonics, and then the Blazers? No way are they competing for anything except an early playoff exit unless they make a move or two (or someone starts playing like mad). Even without Melo, we shouldn't have too much trouble if we play reasonably close to our standards -- Cleveland really isn't equipped to run with our guys... especially with big plodders like Z on the floor.

But yeah, I'm definitely getting some Nugs withdrawal. I should've saved some old games with Melo on my DVR as some kind of 'Melodone' to curb my cravings. I'll plan ahead next time. Only 4 days to go!

Nugg Doctor said...

Haha, "Melodone". Good one, Stumbleweed. I like it!

Thanks for reading,

The Nugg Doctor