Thursday, January 18, 2007

Chicken, Fish, and Turkey… Yum

(Boulder-CO) The weight of “Big Brazil” is still generating news as of today. I have been covering the extra weight that Nene has been carrying with ideas, some funny, and an honest opinion now for quite some time, but with today’s report in the Denver Post it would appear as if the Nuggets are finally getting down to business. And that business is, drum roll please, a DIET! Whoopee! Nene is going on a diet. What a tremendous idea!

Marc Spears of the Denver Post reports today in his article, “The Nuggets have determined the best option for his return to prominence is to watch more carefully what he eats. Hess met over the weekend with Nene, his wife, his manager and personal chef to go over a diet plan. Hess has also talked to the Nuggets' chef at the Pepsi Center about what food Nene should and shouldn't be eating.” This must means no more stadium nachos, French fries, or hot dogs. Alert all the vendors; do not serve the 6’10” Brazilian!

Spears goes on to report, “Hess has Nene on a plan to eat more vegetables, aid his workouts with carbohydrates and add protein by eating more fish, chicken and turkey and less fatty meats. On nongame days, Hess wants Nene to eat more often but less quantity, at 8:30 a.m., 1 p.m., 4:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m., and conclude with a vegetable snack at 11 p.m. On game days, Nene will eat on the same schedule but also have a protein shake after games.”

The rest of the article can be viewed by clicking this link:

Trainer Steve Hess definitely knows what he is talking about because he is a body builder and competes in said field. What I am having a hard time coming to grips with is this news is just now breaking and the Nuggets are already nearly halfway through the season! Is the report telling me that it took 35+ games to realize that Nene needed to go on a diet? I think that many of the critical eyes that belong to Nuggets faithful could have told you this about five games into the season when Nene was getting lay-ups blocked whereas the younger/skinnier Nene would have been trotting back to the free-throw for an and one after throwing it down in the opposition’s face.

I’m just glad that the problem is now being addressed, but still fairly confused as to why this is NOW just being reported as news. Good luck, Nene. Not that you will need it, but because it is the cliché thing to say at this point. Just try to lay off the bolinhos de estudantes for awhile and I think everything will work out just fine.


Ra said...

In BRazil, $60 million is like $500 mill. Dude got paid when he wasn't even playing.

He could never play another game of basketball and be set for generations.

Fence said...

It's always seemed odd to me that an NBA player would have a weight problem. With the amount of exercise they (presumedly) get on a daily basis, you would have to eat like a pig with a tapeworm to gain any significant weight.

Nugg Doctor said...


With all fairness to Nene I would have to assume that the weight was put on while he was away from the up and down of the game.

However, with that same fairness, it is directly his fault that he hasn't been eating right. He, as a professional, shouldn't have to have his diet dictated by anyone but himself or be told that his weight is hampering his play. It is no secret that when you have a bum wheel that extra weight is detrimental.

I think about what my old elementary school lunch lady used to say, "You put crap in, you're going to get crap out!"

Come to think about it, it doesn't make any sense because no matter what you eat, you get crap out, but I rest my case with the point hopefully taken.

Thanks for reading,

The Nugg Doctor

nanananana said...

ahhh the good life~you either take a toll on it or it will take a toll on you. Let's go nene, shed the weight and get with the program.