Friday, January 19, 2007

Smart Money is on Dicky B

(Boulder-CO) In a game that I was watching about a month back, Charles Barkley was doing what he does best, ehh hmm, and making bold statements where he decided to point his southern twang at the one and only Dick Bavetta. Charles said something to the effect that the older Bavetta couldn’t beat him from one baseline to the other. Charles’ main arguing point was that Bavetta was too old to beat him in a footrace.

Anyone who has been reading this blog for awhile knows that Dick Bavetta is my favorite referee of all time and that I am not the biggest Sir Charles fan. So, some time has past since the comments were made, but a new twist is being added to what was just another incident of Charles being Charles. A twist worth about 10,000 to any charity Bavetta deems worthy of his foot speed.

Allegedly, Charles Barkley is willing to part with 10K to any charity that Dick Bavetta wishes if he can win the race! When and if the race is to occur is still foggy at this point, but one would have to think that it would be a lock for Dicky B. The NBA’s All-Time leading games officiated referee is in incredible shape, spry as the day is long, and without doubt possesses a quicker first step than the overweight and out of shape Barkley.

So I say make it an All-Star weekend event and get rid of the WNBA/NBA/celebrity what-ever-the-hell it is challenge and make way for the footrace! That is one thing that I would definitely not miss. Bavetta Power!

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Lil Dice said...

I'd pay $10K to see that race.