Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I Think I Might be Sick

(Boulder-CO) The Denver Nuggets have not won once this season when they do not score 100 points in a ballgame. Tonight’s 100-91 loss marks the fourteenth time the Nuggets have not hit the century mark and they are 0-14 in those games. This beating also makes the Nuggets 0-4 in their last four games where they have continued to surrender more points than a team usually averages. There is no finger to point in this one, but I would appreciate it someone would point me in the best direction to go puke because I am just that sick of the inconsistency that surrounds this team. It was even so bad that the Nuggets managed to finish with a season low 13 assists.

The Yak played 27 scoreless minutes, Eduardo and DerMarr (yes, he did play) combined for eight points, two rebounds, and an assist in 26 minutes, and starters Reggie Evans and Steve Blake combined for ten points in their allotted 59 minutes of PT. Denver is just not getting it done is basically all you can say at this point. When you add it all up that’s 112 minutes of combined playing time folks, and all that the Nuggets fruited was a measly 18 points from five players combined!

Carmelo Anthony and Marcus Camby well out performed the aforementioned jive five. ‘Melo finished with 33 points, four rebounds, two assists, and a steal, while the Camby man added 17 points, eight boards, five assists, and two rejections. The only other Nugget worth mentioning was Nene who is showing some surprising aggression when attacking the rim. “Big Brazil” ended tonight’s game with 14 points, four rebounds, and two steals.

The game basically went like this: Denver was nursing a 42-40 lead at half and then decided to fall asleep in the fourth quarter. Entering the deciding period tied at 66, Denver decided that they didn’t need to play anymore defense and the Trailblazers, led by Zach Randolph’s 26 points and 17 rebounds, proceeded to outscore the Nuggets 34-25. It was about as uninspired of a fourth quarter as I have ever seen in a game so close. Carmelo tried to put his team on his back with 12 points in the final period, but he and the other Nuggets couldn’t secure rebounds and turned the ball over enough to never get any closer than three in the final two minutes.

I don’t know if it is a good or a bad thing that Denver will be hosting Portland again on Friday. They are .500 at home and are really discombobulated right now. Nothing seems to be working on the defensive end I didn’t want to have say this, but I feel that the team chemistry is at the season’s lowest point. The Nuggets are playing as if they don’t trust each other and the stand-and-watch philosophy of basketball is getting super old to watch. I gotta sign off friends. I am so decimated right now after watching that fourth quarter that I just want to go to sleep. Tomorrow is another day, and fortunately the Nuggets are not playing.


livid said...

Ok, so the offence wasn't clicking tonight. 13 total assists does not cut it. The defense wasn't too bad, but when the they need stops in close games down the stretch or even when the shot clock runs down they can't seem to get it done. What seems to happen is a slow rotation which leads to a lay-up or open three, or not being able to secure a rebound off a missed shot. I don't think it is lack of effort that is the problem. I think it actually starts with our inability to match up in the post. Camby has been a rock down there, but he is being asked to do to much. Often, he seems to be a safety net for defensive mistakes by our 3 & 4's. In the Western conference, every night there is a dominant power forward on the opposing team that we can't match up with defensively, man to man. Consequently, the Nuggets have to double down in the post which leads to a mad scramble on the defensive end. When they play zone, they have more success but I see a lot of reaching and grabbing on penetration. And alot of the gambling (like jumping the passing lanes) just burns them. Also, the rebounding from the front court is just weak. Carmelo had four rebounds tonight. 4! He should average at least 4 offensive rebounds a night. Look at guys like Shawn Merion or Josh Howard. They routinely grab double digit rebounds from the same position on up tempo teams. But the post defense is what I see as the root of our problems. This is where the Nuggets really miss not having a healthy Kenyon Martin.

robin said...

Well, what can I say.
Denver got beat by a team who really had no flow.
They got lured into a half court game and Zach ate them up on the boards. In the first half they were doubling Zach everytime he touched the ball, he was passing out and the Blazers were clanking their outside shots. I dont know what happend but they stopped doubling and the Blazers got the ball where their players like it. Game over.
If Karl wants to show some mettle, he should make adjustments and blow out the Blazers on Fri.

happy birthday Nugg Doctor.

Tymes Rhymes said...

Not much to say.

Our defense sucked and it looked like we were barely learning how to run plays, like if it was the first time we played ball ever.

And it was mostly "who can show off the most" that really took our players.