Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Cocky-ass Preview of Nuggets vs. Sonics

(Boulder-CO) After watching what happened to the Grizz last night, and the previous 15 years of being completely obsessed with basketball in every way, shape, and form. I think that the cocky feeling I have about the pending outcome of the Nuggets game tonight is warranted. Tonight's game is going to be a win! No need to get into advanced quantum physics for this one. The Nuggets should win, and win BIG! I have been reading all kinds of retractions circulating around statements like, " AI and Carmelo won't be able to share the ball," and, "AI+Melo=lottery pick," but I think that what we all saw last night has those writers feeling they were dead wrong. I almost feel sorry for the Sonics... Almost!


Bobby Jones 2.0 said...

With the recent big Melo news, I was scanning the standings. Did you know that the Nuggets have between 3-5 more games to play than every team that is currently ahead of them in the standings? I haven't seen that mentioned anywhere. But, assuming they are now going to be much better than a .500 team, they are really closer in the standings to the Rockets/Lakers/Jazz then the "games back" numbers indicate.

Nugg Doctor said...

bobby jones 2.0,

I have been noticing that the Nuggets have had a sluggish schedule early this year, but what I feel is a good way to keep up with who is who and what is where is to keep a close eye on the loss column. Losses can't be made up, wins can as each new game is a chance to gain a W. If the Nuggets can keep the losses from mounting up they will be just fine.

Thanks for pointing that out, bj! It is all about collective wisdom around here!

Thanks for reading,

The Nugg Doctor

Seth said...

Oh my lord. I just realized that I have the free trial of league pass. I get to see Melo and AI long before I expected. This is sweet.