Monday, October 9, 2006

30 Teams in 30 Days: Update Part II

(Boulder-CO) Once again the brain-child of Jeff over at has proven to be the one stop shop for all the NBA previews one's heart could desire. Since I last updated the 30 Teams in 30 Days behemoth's status. Writers from some of the top blogs in the game have been continuing to drop knowledge on the everyday fan. To catch up, start hitting up the links!
Cuban's bunch gets scrutinized here by
Yao Ming and the Rockets get broken down at
Grizz and company are looked at here by
Today Chris Paul and the Hornets are under the microscope here at
And finally tomorrow, Duncan and Co. are pounded by the folks at
Now that finally catches me up on what happened this past week. To look forward to what's coming up we travel to the Central Division:
Oct. 11 - Chicago Bulls - Blog-a-Bull
Oct. 12 - Cleveland Cavaliers - YAYSports , Cavalier Attitude
Oct. 13 - Detroit Pistons - Need4Sheed, Detroit Bad Boys
Oct. 14 - Indiana Pacers - Donning Craig Sager's Suit
Oct. 15 - Milwaukee Bucks - 5-Point Bucks
After Milwaukee is revealed, it will be up to me to truly evaluate where the Nuggets stand in the Northwest division. I will be breaking down each of the Nuggets individually, and how the team will potentially fare in this rapidly approaching season. Until then, keep it posted here for all your Nuggets news on The Nugg Doctor.

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