Wednesday, October 11, 2006

DerMarr Still Chillin on the Block

(Boulder-CO) DerMarr Johnson does not own railroads. He does not have any hotels on Park Place or Boardwalk. DerMarr Johnson does not have the green light to go forward and collect two hundred dollars. He is still in a figurative stall out with the Denver Nuggets and a potential contract here in the Mile High. But the nagging question still remains about what is going to happen to DerMarr, and more importantly, the Nuggets?

As I said in my pod cast on, I do not think that DerMarr is coming back to this team. Denver is by no means just ready to sign this guy again and have him sit near the end of the bench and hang out with Kenyon Martin. This team is making serious moves, and for once, I actually believe that they are really striving to become a championship caliber organization. Not just a collection of players that will be happy with .500 ball (shivers run down my spine as memories of the Bernie Bickerstaff days are revisited!). So now I got to make a prediction and stand by it…

I think that the Nuggets are going to try and showcase Kenyon Martin as a healthy and cooperative power forward and combine him with the likes of an Eduardo Najera, Joe Smith, or Linas Kleiza for that desperately needed shooting guard. DerMarr Johnson just doesn’t really fit into what the Nuggets are trying to do. And with the addition of a guy like Yakhouba Diawara, I believe that the writing is on the wall.

At this point Johnson has not attended any of the training camp that went down in Durango. He wasn’t at the open scrimmage, or at least I didn’t see him there even in street clothes, and he didn’t play last night against Efes Pilsen. DerMarr is about as far removed from this organization as a guy who is waiting to be signed could be. The news can say what they want, but I’m calling the bluff.


RD said...

Hello NuggDr. I find your blog column very informing and interesting. You write well and you seem to do a great job of reporting.
However, why do you feel so poorly about our NJ shooter in JR Smith?
He will wor out well for thwe Nuggs. Trust me, B Scott taught him nothing about Dfense. In fact he isn't a teacher. This is why he was chased from Jersey. If Karl and his coaches are good teachers, JR will make DENVER PROUD!
As JR's former teacher(academically), I will attest that he is unafraid of hard work. He will hustle, and learn to make better shot selections. In OK/NO a few of his teammates(Dikau/Nailon) made sure he had poor shot selection by feeding him the ball with few seconds on the shot clock. Last year he was put in games with 32 sweconds left on the clock, thus hurting his stats. Guys were told not to give him the ball.

My point: I make no excuses. JR has much to learn and I think he WILL LEARN... Just don't count him out...

Your guy "YAK" may be great too...hopefully they will push each other to greatness and the Nuggets will benefit from their competition for the starting job.

Anyway, as long as JR is with DENVER, I will be a fan.
Here's to a great season. And thanks for the excellent work on your part with fantastic blog postings.

Nugg Doctor said...

Hey rd,

First let me say that you now own the "longest comment" title hands down. Secondly, thanks for the kind words. It is fans like you who makes this worth while for me.

Now on to business...

I haven't counted J.R. out by anymeans. I just think that at this point, much like yourself, he has a lot of work to do. However I do think that he is due to blossom in Denver for many years to come.

Thanks for reading, and as always, Go Nuggets!!

The Nugg Doctor

Fence said...

Good stuff, Doc. I just stumbled on the blog and am enjoying it very much.

Let's hope that the Nugs can finally jettison K-Mart for the shooting guard that they should have had the patience to get instead of him in the first place. I was always disappointed that they hamstrung themselves financially for an injury-hampered and redundant malcontent rather than wait another season and throw their considerable salary cap space at a marquee 2-guard. I agree that DeMarr is on his way out, but they have to tiptoe around the issue because once they get rid of one Bearcat the other is going to become an attitude problem.

Anyway, keep up the great work. As a displaced Denver fan it's hard for me to find good Nuggets analysis. I'll be checking back frequently.

Nugg Doctor said...

Hey Fence,

You have a very interesting and possibly quite valid perspective on the situation. It could very well be that dissing one bearcat could upset the other... We will just have to wait and see. I'm sorry to hear that your displaced as of the current moment, but you can rest assured that you can get all your Nuggets coverage right here on The Nugg Doctor.

Thanks for reading,

The Nugg Doctor