Wednesday, October 4, 2006

DerMarr Johnson Still Not in Camp

(Boulder-CO) The Denver Nuggets started training camp in Durango on Tuesday. As we all know they have an overload of frontcourt players. Then with these two givens, why isn’t DerMarr Johnson with the team yet? Is he still in negotiations over contract particulars? Or is this stalling by Nuggets management because of something else going on behind the scenes? I want answers, and I would like them soon.

There is hope though that DerMarr might still be a Nugget. Reports of George Karl and good friend, and Cincinnati alumni, Kenyon Martin both thinking that DerMarr is going to return are promising, but this is the NBA. And in the NBA, nothing is a guarantee, except for contractual money.

In the mean time, DerMarr is missing critical chemistry building practices. There are a lot of new faces and this time is crucial for teammates to learn each others’ tendencies and preferences. The Nuggets management needs to make up their mind, not only for DerMarr’s sake, but for the sake of this team.

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