Friday, October 13, 2006

The Lighter Side of The Nuggets

(Boulder-CO) As we all know, Linas Kleiza is a bit of a jokester. Linas even got the nickname, "Linas the Menace," last season. He talked some friendly garbage to Carmelo in the FIBA championships and we have all seen him light heartedly play with Nuggets announcers’ Chris Marlowe and Scott Hastings. Now Linas has got a new target for is comic stylings.

Poking a little fun at the motor that makes the Nuggets run, Andre Miller, even had me laughing this morning when I took a read of The Denver Post. Linas reportedly thinks that Andre Miller might be expecting. Not expecting to lead the league in assists, as many might have assumed, but rather expecting a new born baby!

After Tuesday's game, Miller was stripped to his shorts in the locker room when Linas Kleiza spotted a mini-paunch. “Are you three months pregnant?" Kleiza joked at Miller‘s expense. Not saying that Miller is the new Khalid El-Amin, a paunchy fellow known for his mid-game snacks at the University of Connecticut, but maybe he does need a couple of extra wind sprints to tighten up that tummy.

Miller was candid and returned back with “Oh, I'll remember that one,” firing a half-serious glance in the Lithuanian's direction.

But on a more serious note, the Nuggets are really trying to push the ball hard this year. I’m not against that, but I just hope that with all of our big men we can find a way, and a line-up, that is comfortable when the game dictates a grinding pace. Other teams know what the Nuggets want to do. And as last year showcased, most of the games that the Nuggets lost were when the other team dictated the pace. It would be in the Nuggets best interest to be comfortable and adaptable in either pace. Run when it’s there, but when it’s not, don’t force it. That just leads to turnovers and frustration.

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