Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Parting Gifts at the Door

(Boulder-CO) The Denver Post is reporting today that the Nuggets have waived Anthony Carter and Antoine Hood. Carter is a bit of a surprise to me because the Nuggets are shallow in the backcourt, but Hood on the other hand is not. I predicted Hood would not be a Nugget this year in my previous post. My prediction was based upon his level of athleticism and college experience while playing down in Colorado Springs at the Air Force Academy. What is also interesting is that the official website for the Nuggets is not reporting such actions, but if history is any indication, they are just a bit slow in updating the page.

In a quote pulled from said newspaper, Rex Chapman had this to say in regards to the waiving. “(Carter is) a consummate pro,” said Nuggets director of player personnel Rex Chapman. “He'll be OK. Teams always need professionalism and work ethic. A.C. is a (heck) of a basketball player; he'll be fine. Antoine as well. He's a young kid. If he wants to play this game, he'll be able to do that if he sticks with it.”

These cuts now put the Nuggets at the league allowed fifteen players. Three will not be active, but can be activated if the situation necessitates such actions. Best of luck to both of these players in future.

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