Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Quit Sleeping on the Job

(Boulder-CO) J.R. Smith’s athletic ability has never been in question. Any ball player coming straight out of high school has got to be a tremendous athletic talent. Size, speed, and agility are all things that J.R. has been blessed with. Some athletes would give up God knows what to have what some people squander.

In an article published in The Rocky Mountian News, J.R. Smith has been everything and more than the Nuggets could have expected on the offensive end so far in training camp. The only problem is that he allegedly falls asleep on defense. J.R., if your reading this, here are some things that you should keep in mind. You get paid millions of dollars to play this game. When you walk into a gym with Nuggets logos on your chest you are at your job. Part of your job description includes playing defense. DO YOUR JOB!

Defense is not something that is an enjoyable thing to partake in. It does however win games. It takes heart, desire, and dedication. All things that, regardless of whether or not your jumper is falling, should be given every single night you get paid to do a job. One last thing before I get off my soap box... Offense has off nights, defense doesn't!

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