Friday, October 20, 2006

Thanks for the Props

(Boulder-CO) There is really no definative answer to who is writing the best hoops blogs on the internet, but, a fine blog in its own right, has come up with a list of who they think is tops in the game. To view their list go to Thanks for the nod on the seventh spot fellas !


mutoni said...

they provided an ok list, however, not sure about that slamonline and benchrenaldo pick, though.

Nugg Doctor said...

Game-recognizes-Game folks!

The Nugg Doctor

Hype said...

Just a heads up Doc, the first link is wrong (heh, you switched [Daily] and [Basketball] around)

And I'm just happy to be ahead of Cubes.. ESPecially in blog format.

la287 said...

This is la287 from Daily Basketball. nugg doctor, if your first link was meant for my site you accidentally switched the words around...

mutoni, where do you think Bench Renaldo, and Slam Online belonged?

Nugg Doctor said...

Thanks for pointing out my mistake gentlemen. Its all fixed now.

The Nugg Doctor

la287 said...

Actually, you must not have saved your changes since the link still accidentally goes to instead of the other way around.

By the way, as a blogger how does that Yard Barker button help you nugg doctor?

And, how did you run across my Top 10 list anyway? Did you find a link elsewhere or actually come directly to my site?

Nugg Doctor said...


I think you need to either refresh of reset your cookies because you are not seeing the most current page.

Yardbarker is a really cool company that allows people to submit your work and share it with other sports nuts. People then can search by team or by sport and get exactly what they are looking for. I like it, even though I dont keep my profile all that current. (I have enough things to do sometimes...).

If you have some other questions take a peek in my archives. I recently did a post explaining it a little bit more in detail.

I ran through your list by way of I am always on top of who is writing what because there are just so many good blogs out there.

Thanks for reading,

The Nugg Doctor