Thursday, October 5, 2006

A Couple of Banged Up Nuggets

(Boulder-CO) The latest news out of training camp, not concerning the new basketball, is that a couple of Nuggets are banged up. Kenyon Martin has a sore back, Reggie Evans is sick with a stomach virus, Larry Ayuso has a slightly tender groin, and Nene is just tired.

Kenyon Martin said, “It’s [his back] a little tight,” and is attributing the pain to sleeping on it wrong. He is not worried though. With a little ice and afternoon practice off I’m sure he will be fine. Notice how I walk away from a potential chance speculate…

Long shot to make the team Larry Ayuso is playing through a slightly pulled groin. Probably because he knows that any sideline time will be detrimental to his chances of making the team. Good thinking too, because Ayuso could possibly make this team as a back up point if he shows that kind of toughness.

And finally, Nene is tired after completing the much more intense morning practice on Wednesday. Just goes to show you that the only way to get into NBA basketball shape is by playing NBA basketball. There is no way to simulate the constant change in speed and direction that basketball requires. You have to play and play before you can play some more.

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