Sunday, October 22, 2006

Starters Sit in Loss to Milwaukee

(Boulder-CO) The Denver Nuggets that didn't play against the Bucks would have made the difference. Carmelo Anthony, Marcus Camby, and Kenyon Martin didn't play for a number of different reasons and the Nuggets lost to the Bucks 119-108. Linas Kleiza was the high scorer for the Nuggets by finishing with 23.
This type of preseason loss doesn't really mean anything, not to take anything away from the Milwaukee Bucks, and doesn't really give me much to analyze. With that many parts missing it was no surprise that the Nuggets took the L.


livid said...

I've been meaning to post on this blog for a while now. First, let me say that this blog and your commitment to it, nugg doc, are fantastic. I've been visting for about a month and you've got me very excited about this season. However, I do think your expectations for this season are too high. I don't think preseason games are much of an indication on what will happen later, but I do see some things to be concerned with. One, the supposed depth with the bigs is just an illusion. None of these injury prone guys will play more than 60 games. Two, none of our bigs has a post-up game, which will matter if the nuggs make the play-offs and have their transition game taken away. Three, despite some new faces and some healthy competition, the 2 guard spot is basically in the same state it has been in for years-a weak spot. No matter who we play on any given night, there will be a miss-match at that position. And that allows teams to double and triple Carmelo. He won't have Wade like numbers, because he won''t get Wade like looks. Fourth, a lot of other teams in the West actually got better in the offseason; Houston, Minnesota, Lakers, Hornets, ect. Even the Jazz are going to be better. Don't forget how strong they finished last year. I hope i'm wrong but the Nuggets will be lucky to get that eighth spot this year.

Nugg Doctor said...


Thanks for the shout out first and foremost. As for your analyzations... I guess only time will tell. I like some of your thoughts though and appreciate your comment.

Thanks for reading,

The Nugg Doctor