Friday, October 13, 2006

Montezuma’s Revenge

(Boulder-CO) Today is a travel day for the Denver Nuggets. They will be heading down to Monterrey, Mexico to take on the Golden State Warriors in their first match-up with an NBA foe. A little sun, an international flair, and a reminder to all the Nuggets, (especially Kenyon Martin) to not drink the water. Even the ice!

Kenyon Martin isn’t exactly thrilled about going south of the border. In his last visit to Mexico, Kenyon caught a stomach bug that he reports didn’t leave him alone till four days later. Kenyon said, “I got sick on my last trip to Mexico. I wasn't right for four days.”

Poor, poor Kenyon, I know what it’s like to get a touch of the funk when you’re down in Mexico and I wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemy. Best of luck to the Nuggets, and as always, I will be covering, breaking down, and giving Nuggets fans the skinny on the results of tomorrow night's game. Until then, keep it posted right here on The Nugg Doctor.

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