Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Boy, Am I Going to Hear it

(Boulder-CO) For whatever reason, and I am not sure what it is, I can not seem to calibrate this team and what they are capable of night-in and night-out. I predicted the Nuggets to win by four points tonight, but instead they got pummeled by the Jazz 127-107. For now I am just going to put my side career as a game predictor on the back burner and stick to analyzing the Nuggets. Now let’s get down to the ugly dissection.

The Nuggets were looking good early with the game tied at the end of the first quarter, but then came out and fell apart in the second period. The Utah Jazz went on to score 37 points in the quarter and didn’t look back as the Nuggets continued to fall behind throughout the rest of the game. I am expecting a call from my Jazz-obsessed friends, who all happen to be brothers, on speaker phone sometime in the early morning tomorrow.

Even though the end result was quite disappointing for the Nuggets as a team. J.R. Smith and Yakhouba Diawara both made steps in the right direction for this organization. J.R. Smith showed that he is capable of putting up big numbers on the offensive end and more importantly it was how he did it. Smith finished the night as the game’s high scorer with 26 points, which included going 8-13 from long range. This type of contribution is exactly what the Nuggets, and Carmelo Anthony in particular, need as a second option scoring threat on the other end of the pass out of the double team.

In addition to J.R. Smith, the type of deep threat that Yakhouba is displaying is exactly what the Nuggets were missing last season. Yakhouba Diawara was also offensively effective in tonight‘s contest. The Yak scored 17 points, including a 3-5 shooting night from downtown, in his 24 minutes of action.

What this game boiled down to in the end was the Jazz had seven players score in double digits and had too much off the bench for the Nuggets to handle. Now I have to wait until January 6th, 2007, before the Nuggets get a chance at redemption against their, I mean my, most hated of all NBA foe.


Stumbleweed said...

YEah, so that wasn't exactly what I had in mind for my first Nugs game of the season. But it was nice to see what the new guys could do in person, since none of the games have been televised.

A few motes:

I was really impressed with Joe SMith's shooting stroke. He reminds me of Marcus a bit with his smooth mid-range game. I didn't know anyhting about him really, so I was pleasantly surprised. Elson replacement?

J.R. definitely didn't dissapoint. He was lighting it up from 3 the whole night. I wish he would have gotten loose for one of his insane dunks, but he settled for the threes. He had a three form the same spot that Melo hit against the Mavs and did basically the same thing -- got hacked, fell, drained the three, and got the foul -- color me impressed.

I was really impressed with Yak as well. I hadn't seen him play at all either, so it was nice to get a look at him. I think he'll be #2 in a Buckner-like role where he can come off the bench and play some defense to slow down a Kobe or T-Mac kind of guy. He hit the floor and still made a deep fadeaway three. He also broke free for two dunks.

Nene looks to be pretty healthy -- he was playing well, grabbing boards, and making some sweet post moves. He'll be a great sub for Marcus and K-Mart.

Melo had the block of the night for sure -- when he came flying out of nowhere (after dashing the length of the court) and slapped it away from behind. It reminded me of an Amare play or something -- it was good effort for the pre-season. K-Mart also had a nice block in the paint that got the meager crowd going.

But sadly, it was a very sloppy game. The refs were going crazy with the hand-checks, there were bunches of 3-second calls, a few technicals... Andre made a few sloppy plays dashing into the paint and losing it, or making a bad pass. They were rushing shots a lot also -- when they took their time, they'd usually score though. Melo definitely showed off his sweet shooting stroke and he looks to be in top form for the season. Hopefully MArcus' foot heals up before the season -- they need him (and so do I -- he's my source of blocks/rebounds on my fantasy team). Get well soon, Marcus -- you gotta get that DPOY this year.

And I'm going to grab one of the 10-game packages, so expect more long-winded psycho babble from yours truly. You'll be sorry I found your blog... haha.

Nugg Doctor said...


Babble on friend, this is a place for Nuggets fans to do just that!

Thanks for reading,

The Nugg Doctor